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Gummallos Frogs 5LB Bulk

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Ribbit! Gummallos Frogs

Ribbit! Enjoy these little green Gummallos Frogs any time of day or night. Perfect for a

kid’s birthday party, to take on a nature hike, bring along on a picnic, or to simply pop in your

mouth when you want something sweet and fun. Available in 5-pound bulk, Gummallos Frogs

are about 1-inch each and there are about 90 frogs per pound. Keep your kids entertained with

these exiting candies that are green on one side and white on the other, just like a real frog.

Available at

Available to you in bulk, inexpensively.

There are approximately 90 frogs per pound.
Frog Length: 1 Inch

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